The Great Library


I have no idea how much time passed, but I eventually found it: an empty notebook.

Where to begin... this place, of course.

To my faint perception this is just “the Great Library”, but I'm sure it's much more than this. A tower, could it be? Its geometry looks enormous and complex, spatial perception is continuously altered in unexpected ways in this place. Sometimes, you feel like you're going upwards, as high as you can reach the stars. A moment later, you sense like heading down to the deepest and darkest chasms. Hallways look endless, stairs follow weird shapes and directions.

Depending on how you see it, it might as well be a whole citadel, so vast and labyrinthine that is astonishingly easy to get lost inside it. I crossed many halls I don't think I will ever find anymore, not even if I’ll spend a whole lifetime looking for them.


An eternal archive

Despite the vastness and the absurdity of this place alone would be enough to shake the hell out of my soul, the one thing that really makes me feel so small is the immeasurable number of manuscripts filling the whole structure.

Every room, corridor and even stair has walls full of books, tomes, notebooks, letters, notes and pure memories recorded in ways I personally never thought possible, enclosing the most incredible and thrilling stories I’ve ever read. Chronicles from unthinkable lands and unworldly beings, tales of the most daring heroes and of the most ruthless villains.

Adventures from heavenly places and dreadful depths, reports from extraordinary dreams and irrational nightmares. Everything seems kept and recorded somewhere inside this daedalic venue.


I need to record this

My name's Maglorean, I crossed the Library's entrance seeking shelter, halfway through a very long journey, but all of this is totally beyond my miserable expectations. Corridors and halls must have hypnotized me, then I suppose I triggered some kind of process or device, locking myself  inside with no way out. An unknown technology? A spell, perhaps? A maze so intricate a human mind cannot even comprehend? Who knows. It's been days, maybe weeks. It could even be months I’ve been trapped in this place of wonders and torments.

Maybe one day I will unlock this place or solve the maze, but in the meantime, I'll wait here, diving into an boundless ocean of glyphs and pictures, where time seems frozen and where mind and imagination’s chains are loose. Free to gaze into uncharted worlds, I've become a silent observer of distant, immense universes.