The Lore Observer is a project started by two writers and gamers passionate about worldbuilding and creative writing.

We wanted to build a solid home for all the Characters, Factions, Places and more that we designed, created and loved during years of RPGs and intensive worldbuilding.

In here, everything is narrated by Maglorean, an unfortunate traveler locked inside an endless library full of absurd books. Just a narrative device that allows us to talk about worlds and characters coming from radically different realities.

Most of the writings you will discover here were crafted for campaigns in the following tabletop RPGs:

  • Numenéra (Monte Cook Games)

  • Dungeons & Dragons (Wizards of the Coast)

  • Pathfinder (Paizo Publishing)

  • Eberron (Wizards of the Coast)

  • Cyberpunk 2020 (R. Talsorian Games)

  • Chronicles from Shiris (Homebrew Sci-Fi Setting)

  • Abyss of Aydeera (Homebrew Dieselpunk Setting)

  • ...and more!

You will also find concepts and notes that don't relate to a specific setting or used solely for test and training purposes.



Why you made this?

One day we realized we created a massive amount of material that could be appreciated by other players. We honestly felt it was a waste to have all these written and visual works kept between a small group of friends, while it could've been appreciated by more people. For this reason we decided to share it, hoping that you can enjoy it and find inspiration and ideas for your games and your stories.

Are the artworks hand drawn?

No, we produce most of our artworks using a mix of illustration, matte painting and photobashing techniques.

Can I use this stuff?

You are free and welcome to use everything in this website for your campaigns, from artworks and maps to concepts/factions/ideas.

Please do not use anything for any commercial purposes without first asking us.

Can I make derivative works?

If you want to use it for non-commercial derivative works, you are free to do it! Just try to respect the character/faction/world ethos!

If you make any derivative work, let us know!

How can I reach out to you?

On Reddit or with this form.

We also set up this Mailing List to connect with our readers, check it out!