Joseaux Touissant-Sarrajo


I’ve stumbled upon an audiolog with the picture of this individual taped on it. The recorded dialogue is anything but clear, apparently somebody just rescued a group of fleeing outcasts from some beast and is questioning them.

“Of course, I had a feeling leaving the city was going a little too smoothly. Looks like they sabotaged our emitters, what a bunch of cowards. They didn’t even feel like getting their hands dirty and confront us head on, of course, let’s just have a Torshigg deal with us instead... those vermins.”

Some voices seem to ask something in the distance.

Blockade 845, who else could possibly act this way? Despite what the propaganda says, they enslaved these poor families for years to the point that they are fleeing towards the Directorate, these people are so broken that they actively want to live there. Could you believe it?”


“Me? I’m Joseaux Touissant-Sarrajo, but for these people I’m just a Magister. Since you helped us with that Torshigg there I think there is no point in hiding it: I’m a member of a Regenesis militia. Born in Kathard City, class of 896, but luckily my father decided to ignore all the propaganda and flee from that shithole. I grew far away in the Empire, hence the name.

The audio here is a complete unintelligible mess, I can’t understand what the man is saying. I’ve been forced to travel back here in Kathard. The ones desperate enough to welcome a cultural hybrid like myself were these Regenesis militias, but I honestly share their ambitions above and beyond purely political goals.

I’ve become some kind of a priest for these folks, bringer of the Keeper’s voice. I saw with my very own eyes how many souls on this side of Tyranias believe in Syiha, but there’s no real religious authority here in this region.

I’ve already read something about both the Directorate and these Regenesis militias, but I’ve never heard anything about the Blockade 845, I should investigate more on this matter.

I’m also really curious about this Torshigg beast and would love to learn why they need these so called “emitters”. There are more files here, I’m likely to browse through some of them, but not before a long sleep.