MP-6 Mk.2 "Peacekeeper" Submachinegun


I didn't expect to find a filing cabinet in here. This doesn't mean it did surprise me, heck after finding a bunch of nails with a note wrapped around it I stopped getting surprised about anything in this place.

This cabinet was peculiar, it looked like it belonged to a military base. It was made of dark green metal and it was clear that utility came before design for the manufacturer.

On the side there was stenciled "Phantom Sector".


The cabinet was filled with files about all sort of weapons you could imagine, from tasers to rocket launchers. It was a mix of spec sheets, commercial orders invoices, field test reports. The most various things. It looked like somebody tried to gather as much information about as many weapons as possible.

The thickest file was about a submachinegun called "MP-6 Mk.2 Peacekeeper". Some kind of documentation and forms to order them from the supplier, and in great quantities it seems.


Made by what was seemingly acclaimed as "The Greatest Industry of the Commonwealth", they offered a great deal of different variants.

You wouldn’t camouflage your men in green when they are deployed on the desert. So why would you give them a weapon not suitable for their environment?

It was an impressive collection. From what the papers read, it seems that somebody ordered great quantities of each design. It's not clear if the order was made by this "Phantom Sector", but regardless they don't look like the kind of people i would like to make angry.