Parias, Infected Village


Now, here's a curious document. It's a letter, although the calligraphy is different between the first and the second part. It's titled "Pathogen on Parias", and many details remain unclear about what's going on.

"That's some kind of disease, a plague. First, it was just a few villagers, then it spread quickly among the population and now many are laying down as corpses.

[...] definitely nothing natural, it must have been someone playing with demonic magics.

[...] no, infection happens via direct contact between individuals. It's disturbingly curious that despite knowing the contagion replication process, they managed to infect one another so easily. Of the whole village, there are only few people still alive, plus a couple of guards and mayor Gatby, locked inside his estate.

[...] Symptoms include unusually heavy fatigue, increased sweating, high body temperature and eventually delirium tremens. From there on, dark blisters begin covering your skin, your veins turn almost black and you slowly start to die."

At the bottom, there's a very small print saying it's from someone called "William James Hornstein, Knight of the Imperial Demon Hunting Division".

"Wow, that's... an interesting overview. It's especially interesting that someone, whose identity is still unknown, wanted us right in the middle of this rotting mess. And whoever put this deadly plague in place did it for some kind of weird experiment, like he or she wanted to see and study the effects of the pathogen on a tiny village far from the rest of the world, before unleashing it somewhere else. I'm just assuming at this point, but still..."


Definitely not the first time I hear about this Red guy, if I remember correctly.