Tyes & Teel


Found a dusty tape containing this conversation:

"Hey, Tyes. Do you copy? Remember that Styehl guy? I hooked him to join the bunch.

The guy was a bit skeptical when he heard our name though. Does it really sound that weird, The Trident's Assemblage? Ah, never mind. Anyways, he's a rare gem, born with white healing magic capabilities. Looks like he spent a whole lot of time within the Inner Forest, too. It's a good guy, but it's as tough as stone! Let's meet on the Lone Stella. There are some introductions to be made. Fekteel out."

Looks like the following has been recorded later on, probably after the meeting.

"Holy stars, Teel. That's one hell of a counterpoise Styehl's born with. Damn, forbidden magic. Paired with his healing capabilities... sounds like a deadly mix to me. You're the boss, though. Just be careful."

"Basically... we shoot Styehl triggering a forceful release of forbidden energy as a reaction, right? Seems a little too sadistic, even for our crew. Tyessel over and out."

Or at least this is the part I remember, as it jammed halfway through and now it's just garbage.