Ravengate Island


Excerpt from the Abyss of Aydeera - Act IX - "Ravengate's Crash Site"

"4th day of travel - y.83 Post-War,

Our radar picked up some signal, this means we should be very close to Ravengate Island. Well, I hope so; Gabriert followed all the instructions and never missed the course - it should be it! He's been on my side since forever, I can't doubt him or his skills. Unfortunately, I can't exactly say the same thing about that Arnthor, he has kept his mouth shut for this whole journey and only gave one-word answers to few pointless questions. I must keep in mind that Dr Kayleigh continuously claimed that we needed him. Without him she wouldn't hand us neither this worn map nor the coordinates.

I just hope these documents we have are enough to let us through, otherwise the troops of what we all used to call the peaceful Commonwealth won't even think about wasting time taking us prisoners. And this without even considering a potential inspection onboard. If one of them even lays feet on board, we might as well just open fire and die with some honor. It's impossible they wouldn't go down below. You can see that goddamn thing by just leaning your head for fucks sake! What were we thinking?? Especially now tha...

I'm not sure if my mind is playing tricks, but I think I heard something."

There's no mention in regard to what they were actually transporting in their cargo hold, but for some reason I don't think knowing it would make me feel less unsettled about the whole story. And what could those orbs be?