Iceburn Refuge: Cluster of the Southern Wall


It isn't usual to find references and patterns in a place this vast. But here we are again.

Clusters. The settlements run by this organization named The Grid, if I'm understanding this correctly. I already read something about these guys some time ago.

This map was on the diary of what seems to be a strange unknown character. He wrote down a lot of neurotic lines about this place, some of which are quite amusing.

"Another delari", it was how I've been welcomed here. "You can't buy this stuff, delari", "This residential module isn't for delari" or plain and simple "F@#% you, delari". I've been given many different titles in my life due to my exotic kind of job, and still I've never heard of this one. It must be how they address foreign people around here, and derogatively so.


Can't say I love this outpost and its community. Hell, this place disgusts me deep inside. Where do they find the guts to call it refuge, or home? It's just a badly distorted reflection of what real civilization is. With this sub-industrial facade, they can't build a bloody thing that isn't just carelessly recycled scrap-goddamn-metal. Guh! Everything I touch feels greasy, urine smell is all over the place, and exhaustion gas keeps trying to violate my nostrils. Top-tier full-face filter my a$#! I just probably have been ripped off. Thank the stars it's for only a few days more.

The Vermins of War, they're not for real. Are they for real? On top of this s#%£? And that Chaine guy?

I'm out of here. Good-f#£%ing-bye.

The boy really dislikes this Iceburn place. Luckily for him, looks like it was just a short stop before coming back to his travelling business.