100 Maps of Fantasy Islands Is Now on Kickstarter


We are making a lot of maps!

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce we are participating in the Make 100 Kickstarter initiative and crafting something we feel embodies the spirit of this blog.

With our Kickstarter project we are creating an eBook with a pretty self explicative title, containing 100 Maps of Fantasy Islands.

Each island will feature something special, from unique points of interest to peculiar geographical shapes.


You can participate in the worldbuiding

Backing one of the 100 limited rewards, you will get the limited Worldbuilder's Edition of the eBook and you will be part of a collaborative worldbuilding project where your map description, name and landmarks will be published in the eBook next to the artwork.


Once the island is sent to you, we will ask you to tell us the following:

  • The island's name.
  • The island's lore and description.
  • A brief description for three landmarks or any other kind of points of interest.

Your writings will be published on the eBook, so let your imagination run wild!

A tool for writers

We want this eBook to also become a tool for writers, artists and worldbuilders. A book you can browse to find inspiration when you need to create, to activate your fantasy and to exercise your creative writing and thinking skills.

Open the eBook to a random page, take a look at the islands and start thinking all kind of things that could happen in there. Write them down, use them in your next great project or just spend some time with your imagination.


Support us

If you want to support our work, go on Kickstarter to get a copy of the limited edition eBook and to participate in this collaborative worldbuilding project!