Albektor Heritage Engineerings A-850 Machine Pistol

While researching sources about those Shirado pirates, I found some documents regarding a specific firearm, alongside a transcription of an audio recording. Looks like two people are making a deal.

Look, this weapon is Albektor Heritage Engineerings, A-850, westian top notch, ma'am. Carefully refurbished for you by my craftsmen, of course. There were minor scratches here and there, nothing to worry about. It weighs almost three kilograms without magazine, can mount plenty of accessories, chambers common pistol caliber cartridges, shoots at the overwhelmingly fast rate of fire of more than a thousands rounds per minute, but...

A feminine voice replies.

Yes, but? Go on, Mr. Crank.

How can I say it, Sonija... if we build them 72-rounds magazines you asked for, well, it might get quite unstable and unreliable, ma'am. You know, feed system might jam, spring might not be strong enough to push all the cartridges up to the chamber... I mean, aren't standard 16-rounds magazines enough for your needs?

Sonija, she must be that psychotic Captain who exploits maritime honor and seafaring traditions.

Steven, let me rephrase what I told you last time: I'm paying double your goddamn standard price for my precious magazines, and you're still worried about spring strength? If my request will not be fulfilled in less than a week, I'll make sure you'll swallow your own bones.

Here's my kips. Don't let me down, Mr. Crank. Don't let me down.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t.