Artifact LR4-Y4 - "Laraya"


This note really drew my attention, it was used to wrap a bundle of nails, tied with a small string. I've found strange things inside this place, but it's the first time some the paper was used to wrap some items. I didn't even expect it to have something written of it, but once I've read the note, I guess it makes some sort of sense.

Still crouching by the bonfire, he couldn't really take his eyes off that thing. The boy gave it a name, too: Laraya, as the characters on its body were LR4-Y4.


Several hours passed, but eventually curiosity took over every other stimuli. Heibentrad decided the relic was seemingly dry and decontaminated enough: bravely, perhaps just as naively, he grabbed and started analyzing it, noticing the metal part inside which things like iron nails were stuck was removable. A similar case was found nearby, after all. Few trial and error later, the boy learned how to properly hold that mysterious instrument, thinking about it as some sort of crossbow.

All of a sudden, a couple of tiny lights turned on, mechanical parts shifted inside the object and, for a brief moment, something that sounded exactly like gas injection was heard. Heibentrad had mixed feelings about it: he knew it could even be deadly to tinker with an entirely unknown artifact, though he also felt enthusiastic and euphoric realizing he managed to successfully activate it.

Aiming Laraya in a random direction, the youngster pushed one of the buttons on the grips, although nothing happened. There were two triggers though, and when they were simultaneously pressed the magic took effect: a heavy metallic blast echoed all over the mine shafts, and one of the nails was discharged against the rocky wall, sparkling on impact. The process ended with another gas injection.

Heibentrad quickly came to the conclusion the artifact could have been used as a very effective weapon, and just as swiftly he fell in love with it, dreaming about defeating monsters and bad guys alongside his newly found friend Laraya.

Unfortunately, such a peculiar antiquity wasn't exactly something Tagarth and his henchmen in Picala wouldn't confiscate and sell on their market.

I wonder how and why these nails ended up on the note. Are the same one used by this Heibentrad guy or just some random nails? Is it a relic that came here along the memory of it, or is just some nails that somebody felt the need to put on it?

I'm sure i won't ever find an answer to this question. I've taken the nails with me, you never know in what situations you might end up.