Cpt. Sonija Hamrock


Alright, I've just found some notes of different lengths regarding a number of so-called captains. Readings through these notes is highly disturbing, although I'm so fascinated I can't really stop before I browsed them all.

Here's the first one, brace yourself.

S.O.S. Hamrock - Hamrock, what a f** hell of a scoundrel she is. Listen here: they own two small ships and they always use them with the same strategy over and over again; it's "the Westwater Pincers" as she loves to say. They approach the enemy vessel with the first ship while transmitting a distress call for help and rescue. They're well aware mariners and seafarers will not look the other way and will try to help them. Of course, this ain't nothing more than a decoy to grab everyone attention, as the second ship silently moves towards the victim from the other direction** until its close enough to board it.

Surprise! Personnel and captain are quickly threatened and ordered to get out on deck, and they mostly comply. They never expect this to happen and, most importantly, most of the victim personnel is on board of the decoy ship, unable to defend their own.

As soon as the boarding begins, they do everything to terrorize the poor personnel, and they're known for murdering people in disturbingly creative ways. Their goal is to have the survivors so terrified that they just surrender unconditionally, hoping not to face the same fate. This usually works and quickly the whole ship surrenders, especially if their captain is on board of the decoy ship and is unable to give command.

That's not all, though. I'm sure you are thinking that Hamrock has this sordid reputation for taking advantage of seafaring honor? Unfortuantely this is almost the most human part of the Westwater pincers.

Now that Hamrock has complete control over the boarded vessel, she just exterminate them all out of pure sadism, before starting to loot them. I've told you she's a f** hell of a scoundrel.

And she's not even the worst from the bunch. They seem to be part of a pirate company called "Shirado", madmen obsessed with guns, drugs and money. Really stuff of nightmares that you won't ever hope to encounter at sea.