Landfarer Sunglasses; Mod. Thorke Hafgrimsson


Sometimes I just wonder why something's written here, such as these minute details. I mean, there's a whole book full of notes about sunglasses, and they sound like someone's selling them to me.

«Redefining exploration, with magnificence.»

Steel-strong metal frame and crystal-clear polarized shades, unbreakable and exquisite top tier glasses for your longest and toughest journeys. Landfarer's latest product, the Thorke Hafgrimsson, will make you lead the way with firmness and dignity. Now available in emporiums and luxury boutiques.

From the hrothjarian forges, we promise the best, we deliver the best.

Unexpectedly though, there's an audiolog too.

«...they're just metal-framed glasses with round shades to me, nothing so special, but I've heard they come from the Valenjar, right? [There's a muffled answer here I can't understand.] Them dwarves must be quite capable of forging this kind of stuff if the Landfarers became a classic among professional explorers and such then. Too bad they trenched themselves on the mountains. At least trade routes are somehow still active. [...] Really?»

The conversation shifts through few different subjects, but eventually it's clear that a man whose name's Red is wearing the Thorke Hafgrimssons, although it's just for bragging purposes rather than real utility.

Do dwarves really make sunglasses?