Cape Temperance


"Welcome to Cape Temperance, lucky traveler."

It seems some kind of brochure, it must be some kind of exotic tourist location.

"You are on board on one of the World's Most Luxurious Airliners. Before you continue your read, please take a moment to be grateful towards your government for giving you this opportunity. Remember, your government is always looking after its citizens."


"Having you made the right decision boarding this plane by your own free will. You will be rewarded for your loyalty."


"Bear in mind that you will get off the plane before the citizens who instead rejected the government's gift. Please ignore any of their words while passing through. Their mind may have been altered and needs to be cleansed."


"On Kincardine Town, your duty as a citizen will finally be fulfilled. Now rejoice!"

I spent days searching for more material about "Cape Temperance", but to absolutely no avail. If I wouldn't know that it's impossible, I will start to believe that this place is playing games with me. Sometimes I recognize the most obscure references on these pages, sometimes I can't find anything about things that really make me curious.

This library is going to make me mad.