Captain Payara's Six Rules


I've stumbled upon these pages of what it seems a Pirate Captain's journal. He's a member of a Pirate Company called Shirado, a really wild bunch of drug addict warlords with a love for automatic weapons and rocket launchers.

In some pages he was rambling about some psychological warfare tactics that they use and about some rules their leader Payara established.

The true strength of the Shirado Company is not in the numbers, but in the fear that they're are able to instill in their enemies.

Nowadays every man at sea knows that once they see the Company's flag, they're going to have a terrible time, to the point some ships just surrender on sight.

The Company's reputation is something that has been built for decades and one of the Shirado's most valuable assets.

They seem really serious about this stuff.

Payara decided to write few rules to give her Captains some guidelines on how to act, ensuring that they won't ever undermine the Company's reputation. I've transcribed them to train my memory:

  1. You, as the Captain, have the sole responsibility of choosing who to engage into battle. If you are idiotic enough to fight a battle you clearly can't win, you will rightfully die and the souls of your men who depended on you will curse you for eternity.
  2. The reputation of the Shirado Company is tied to the belief that NOBODY is able to defeat us once we attack them. If you ruin this reputation, you can only hope to die in the attack. Otherwise an even worse death will wait you by the Company itself. A**hole.
  3. If you think you might need the Company's help to assault an enemy, you can attach an announcement on the "Coward's Wall" in Shirado Central and ask for aid from other Captains. A joint action of more crews requires equal split of any loot, and for this reason your call to arms can only concern merchant ships and freighters of known routes and cargo. If your announcement doesn't concern this kind of naval assault they will be removed and given back to the author into their very stern bulkhead.
  4. Of all the spoils of war you gather, 5% must be delivered to Miss Payara. The managers of the Company's mutual fund will invest them for the betterment of the Company itself. (A note was added by hand: "Otherwise I'll come and take them personally ❤")
  5. A crew can have its own emblem, as long as they don't piss me off. If your crew follows the rules and if you can afford it, you will be able to have more than a ship following your orders. Keep in mind that you will still be the solely responsible one and it will be your duty to ensure that ALL your men will follow our rules, Mr. Captain.
  6. If you own more than a ship and you grant your admirals the freedom to start battles on their own without first consulting you, you will still retain full responsibility for their acts regardless of whatever hierarchy you established inside your crew. Anyways, choosing unqualified admirals would make you an awful Captain, on top of being also a true piece of (the last word has been covered by a faded sticker advertising a free meal at the "Buzzkill Tavern". I've asked around and they say it's a synonym.)

Ah... What an unique personality is Payara...

If I recall correctly, I already read about these Shirado Captains. There was one that stuck to my mind, I believe it was Captain Sonija Hamrock. I'm not really surprised that people will just avoid any confrontation with them.