A Letter from the Grid Transport Commissioner


Found this letter, it fell from a bookshelf while I was walking.

To: Mr. Makoshenko

From: Grid Transport Commissioner

It has this rubber-stamp near the sender's title:


I've already seen this sigil somewhere.

Dear Mr. Makoshenko,

I'm writing on behalf of Sir Conroe about a matter that should deserve your full attention. Please note, this isn't a standard gig and, in case you will accept terms and conditions, your reward will be higher than the usual rates.

We have a cargo that is traversing the Overpass and will reach Blight's Crossing in a matter of days. We require you to deliver this cargo to the Thermeria Dominion's capital: Core Horizon. You will have all the paperwork to cross the borders safely, but be wary that they will keep an eye on your aircraft from the moment they spot you approaching, to the moment you leave their domains.

You are authorized to deliver the cargo directly to the First Guardian Sigfrith Liander Featherstone. Do not under any circumstances deliver the cargo to anyone else.

If you accept this mission you will be rewarded 100x your standard fares. Mission failure will mark you as a wanted criminal in any Cluster and you will be persecuted by the SKAV Security on Zakihar's direct order.

I expect an official answer within 14 hours from the delivery of this letter.


Grid Transport Commissioner

I read about these "Cluster" kind of settlements. I hope I'll find more information about his expedition.